Healthier company, wealthier you

A healthier workforce can save a company more than R3000 per employee every year. So its clear that investing in having healthier staff is as important to a company’s success as a healthy balance sheet, claims Toni Younghusband.


Diseases of lifestyle- those preventable illnesses like diabetes, stroke, heart attack and high blood pressure claim millions of lives each year with the World Health Organisation (WHO) indicating as many as two out of every three people die from lifestyle-related diseases every year. “Return on investment on comprehensive, well-run employee wellness programmes can be as high as 6-1” says the Harvard Business Review. Britain’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence states that an active workforce can reduce days off sick by up to 27% and absenteeism by up to 20%. Neil tuck, a performance consultant and clinical psychologist says “ there’s a realisation that the expenditure on promoting health and wellbeing is less than the eventual expenditure on managing the many ramifications of high-risk and diseased employees. So whether you’re a large multinational or a small company the benefits of actively promoting and encouraging healthy behaviour amongst employees is massive, in terms of productivity, low absenteeism, retaining staff and improving the employees own health.

Corporate Nutrition Wellness Program :

  • Debbie offer an in house nutrition wellness programme in the comfort of your own company which is not only aimed at helping the unhealthy (obese, tired all the time, eating badly) but also to help those who are healthy stay that way. The program includes the following:

o Nutrition assessments including body assessments, food frequency questionnaire, and a diet history to provide us with a baseline for monitoring your employees progress.

o Nutrition education: Not everyone understands the benefits of good nutrition and regular exercise, but many will be prepared to change their way of life when they do. Thats Debbies job to educate staff members to put them on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Employess are provided with easy to access meal plans via Eatforlife program.

o Monitoring and Progress: Each employee who joins the program will be followed up and weighed every week in order not only to monitor their progress but create an opportunity to discuss any obstacles that may be preventing them reach their personal nutritional goals.

Corporate Wellness days

  • Education sessions at wellness days with a nutrition display stand to enhance educating your employees on healthy eating.
  • Lunch n learn session are performed to improve your employees health and performance.
  • Education on all chronic lifestyle diseases is provided targeting your employees needs in terms of appropriate information for the individual to achieve an improved state of health.
  • Samples of healthy smoothies/ easy lunch box ideas can be made as part of your wellness and your employees educated on the benefits of incorporating various ingredients.