Debbie is equipped to provide individuals, adults and children, as well as families or groups with evidence based nutritional guidance as well as individualised meal plans, nutrition information, specific foods to avoid and healthier alternatives.

My Approach:

The aim is to offer something more than just diet plan, though these are provided for guidance. I aim to work through your dietary challenges and set realistic goals with you. This provides a good foundation to build healthy eating practices on that increase your likelihood for success.

With high levels of stress that surrounds us and so little time available there is often very little focus on our wellness. I hope to help take some of the stress out of healthy eating for you by educating on what changes you need to make and how to make those changes. I also provide you with tools to help you achieve your wellness goals and get you the dietary side of your medical condition under control.


Individual Consultations

  • In-depth nutritional assessments
  • Tailored dietary and feeding advice
  • Provision of appropriate nutrition information
  • On-going support and follow-up as required


What to expect:

Your initial consultation is very much fact-finding meeting for Debbie to assess your current diet and lifestyle enabling her to then set specific and realistic goals with you in order to achieve your wellness goals. This session is approximately 45-60 minutes long and also involves a comprehensive nutrition education session.


Each subsequent consultation or follow up will involve assessing the changes you have made and discussing any problematic areas. Nutrition education continues through these sessions. You will also then be given the additional tools of individualised meal plans.